On Sunday at noon we headed to Castle Hall, thankfully our set was the second last sometime in the early evening. Soundcheck was already done in the afternoon and there was a few hours to treat the guys repaired, ate and took a repair kit, trained and hung out backstage.

       Mild nervousness was clearly seen because we knew the gig was going live on Sky Channel and it was expected a fairly large audience, the Castle Hall was full and there were an unknown number of television viewers across Europe.

       The gig went just fine and the people applauded. Estonian TV broadcast a gig and were very pleased that they offered us the opportunity to exercise their studio to make a demo and for free !!!

       After the Linna-halli gig, the travel life continued and there were 3-4 gigs a week. Somewhere on the way Penso´s drinking got so bad i had to change a  drummer, Pete Laamanen took over, the change itself is its own story. In the autumn, we went to Tallinn again and played places like Eesli tall and the Von Krahl Theater among many other places. A demo of four songs was recorded in Eesti-TV's studios, Kulkurin Sydän, Don´t ever ask, Yeld & Yodle and Thats the way. After a while, Eesti-TV also wanted to shoot videos of the songs, the job was taken care of  an another visit in Tallin.

       The first weekend of September -93 was one of CountrySide´s highlights when the Atkins-Dadi Guitar Player Accosiation´s The Country Comfort -93 was In Ähtäri Finland. Quite an impressive line-up included, Marcel Dadi, Matrin Taylor, Thom Bresh, Brad Jones and Tommy Flint. Finland represented e.g. CountrySide, Hal Peters Trio and Barnshakers.

        The next and certainly the most significant gig in CountrySide´s history occurred in the western village of Ähtäri on Midsummer Eve -94, At the time Mikki Korpela had taken the place of bassist and Tero moved to the keyboards. Grammy award-winning guitarist/singer Albert Lee and Hogans Heroes perfomed and CountrySide was supporting.  This gentleman has played a tremendous amount of recordings e.g. Eric Clapton, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Willie Nelson and elected a few times as the best guitarist in the world, so we’ve been in a bit tougher gang.

Well then we returned back to the ground again and continued touring  for few year. The business started to wane because American country / rock was not appreciated by Finnish record companies (and still not) so the band's journey was over, touring the same bars and pubs no longer gave us enthusiasm or the feeling what the band needed to stay in-tune. The author continued his troubadour gigs a few years until he got tired and the guitar got to rest for fifteen years. Here was the shortness of CountrySide’s journey, many things left without telling, some important some nots. In November 2019, the journey continued, but it's a whole different story....................

                                                                         Thank you for reading:  Helge 👍